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1TRANSLATING GUIDE: Empty TRANSLATING GUIDE: on Mon Jul 05, 2010 5:58 pm

Of course, to translate, you must know the language. Our raws have special case. We use the GFantasy raws for translation (because our translator is a Japanese) but we encode it into Chinese raws. There isn’t much difference in the text, anyway, but I’m not sure about the extras.

To start off, you can use MS Word or other programs alike, and then encode the text.
Basic rules would be:

1. One text cloud, one line.
2. Be typesetter friendly, use guide marks like 3rd panel, lower panel, small text with *insert the name of the character here*, SFX and such markers to help the typesetter where he will encode it.
3. Each character speaking must have a space between them, no matter how short his/her statement is.
4. Never miss a translation. Whether your own/translator’s informative notes (to help the readers), SFX or author’s note and such, put it there with a note in parenthesis, it’s the typesetters discretion to encode it or not, not yours.
5. At times when translators encounter weird phrasing or un-character-ed text cloud, you can always make a note or comment inside parenthesis to warn the typesetters and editors if it needs rephrasing.
6. If the page doesn’t have text at all, put the page number header and indicate “no text” within parenthesis… It’s easier for the typesetter like that.
7. Submit it to the editor first through posting to the respective project discussion board or ZIP it up and host it for download.

That’s it for the basic rules. Here’s a sample of an encoded translation for beginners (new typesetters-friendly)… ya better credit Chiichan if you use this somewhere else:

Chapter 15 ~That Butler, Freeloader~
~Carrying on with the Nightmares~

(box: Rushing to the next chapter!!)

Finny: Whoa… It’s snowing!

(small text with Maylene: Too big!)

Bard: If I put a stone inside, it’ll be deadly!

(next panel’s box: Winter in England is a grey season enveloped by thick and heavy snow
After the series of murders by Jack the Ripper, London returned to peace)

(last panel: BUT ONLY FOR A WHILE…)

(*authors note: a pub serving Indian Food)

(3rd panel box: There was a strange case of continuous attacks involving British citizens who had just returned from India. They’re stripped and hung from feet on the eaves of Hindustani Coffee House* in Portman Square.)

(4th panel box: Since then, Noblemen and Soldiers who returned from India were ending up all in the same case)

(5th panel box: All the victims have papers stuck on them…)

Randall: Damn it! This is the 20th one now!
(card: Scotland Yard Police Chief – Lord Randall)
You haven’t caught the culprit yet, Abberline???

Aberline: My apologies!
(card: Scotland Yard Officer – Fred Aberline)

Randall: Heh, and the gratitude for catching Jack the Ripper was stolen from us by that little brat…

Ciel: Sorry to be such a brat.

Randall: Earl Phantomhive!

Aberline: Hey! How the heck did you get over here?
Randall: Earl Phantomhive… Why are you here?

Ciel: (small text: Heh!)
Isn’t it obvious?
I’m here to clean up the mess created by an old useless hunting dog.

Randall: What the…!

Ciel: Hmm… so…
A crime targeted only at the people who have returned from India.
It seems that the victims are not dead.

Randall: !
Don’t just…!

Ciel: If it was just a highwayman, I wouldn’t be here.
But, I won’t just sit and let the royal family be disgraced.
The criminals are described as “Chosen children of apathy and immorality,” which is accurate.
I agree that England would be better off without India’s wealthy upstarts.

(text boxes next panel: The British Empires Dominion of India.
At the present time, a lot of British citizens are living in Britain’s Indian Colonies.)

(text boxes: The third or fourth child from upper class families who can’t live luxuriously in England…
Can live like aristocrats in India.
Those who return from India are now called Anglo-Indian.
Those who can’t leave the lazy luxurious life in India are called Indian Upstarts.)

Randall: Those are cowards who were too busy with lavishness and rubbish pastimes.
Most of them are from the upper class of this so-called Great Britain.

Ciel: Upperclass? How futile…
What is this mark?

Targeting those who return from India only means that the criminal is a vulgar Indian barbarian!!

(small text with Aberline: Chief Randall, please calm down…)

Ciel: (text cloud on Aberline’s panel) So that’s why you called for me?
(second row of panels) A mainstream of smuggling Indians have a monopoly in the East End.
I can see that even the city yards don’t know what to do with a dark street like East End.
It’s hard to recognize the route and the exact number of smugglers, right?
(lowest panel) So I’ll be moving on my own…
I want to return to the manor house quickly.
Sebastian, did you remembered those documents?

Sebastian: Yes.

Ciel: Let’s go then, Sebastian.

Sebastian: Yes.
(small text with Aberline: Thanks!)

Two clouds with SFX: clop cop

Aberline: Chief Randall, really, who is that kid…?

Randall: I guess it doesn’t matter now, since you saw him…
This country has a sternly secret executive organization directly under the control of the Queen.
That is the Phantomhives.
(white text on the black panel) The Phantomive Family has served for generations.
They are called the Queen’s Watchdogs… also known as “The Evil Noblemen”.

Aberline: Why the heck they’re called Evil Noblemen? They’re serving the royal family like us, right?

Randall: No.
Their task is not as easy as ours.
Every country has a surface world and under world at the same time, too.
Great Britain is not an exception.

(black panel text) The Phantomhives is a dark organization that covers up all of the royal family’s secrets and eliminates every thread of linking the royal family’s involvement to dirty work.

(on the other side of the black panel) A “phantom” is something a royal family shouldn’t have.

Randall: (next panel text clouds) The Dark Street of East End…
…is where the people involved with multinational underworld gathered here in this country.
The one who has the power to control and manage everything in the underworld of this country and keep it from leaking out to the surface world…
(last panel text clouds) is the…
Phantomhive Family.

Aberline: In other words, it’s the opposite of the police.

Randall: They use wicked authority to carry out the Queen’s ideals.

Aberline: That kid is?!

Randall: That’s not a kid…
That is…
A demon.

Sebastian: Young Master
We have arrived.

Ciel: Is this the right place?

Sebastian: Yes. (??? TL comment: He’s a robot programmed to answer yes, but this time it’s weird because it’s actually “Yeah” or “Yup”. This guy suddenly talks trash to Ciel! *laughs*)
(next panel) Please watch your step.

(SFX: Gotcha… Mwah…)

Ciel: What a bad smell… (SFX: cough)

Lau: So you finally found this place…
It’s kinda weird for you to see me like this…
I always knew you would come.

Ciel: and what kind of day is this supposed to be?

Lau: Welcome, Earl!
Long time no see!
(second row panel) How have you been?
(small text: Ah!) Wasn’t it your birthday recently? Belated!

Ciel: I don’t care about that thing.
I have something to ask.

Lau: Ah! (TL comment: There he goes, our Yes-man *smiles*)

Lau: The Earl had all the trouble to go here in Anagura to talk to me about “that” incident…
Am I right?
The news had spread to you already? Sure it’s fast. (small text with the girl: wanna smoke?) (small text with Sebastian: No, thanks.)
I have been investigating “that” incident.

Ciel: If it’s about Orientals, the fastest way to find out anything is to ask the one with the biggest influence around…
(last row 1st panel) The President of the British Brach of Kunlun Chinese Trading Company…
Shanghai Mafia Qingbang Executive…

Lau: I don’t like you putting it like that.
It’s too formal. (TL comment: For the sake of intro… sheesh!)
Right, RanMao?

Ciel: I’ll leave the East End to you. (small text: stop smoking opium and listen!)
The numbers of people who move in and out of this street are under your control, right?

Lau (??? not sure if it’s Ciel, though): Of course, I have done what you asked.
(*authors note: just some random combustible)

Lau: It’s the bribe that allows me to do business in this country’s underworld.

Ciel: (last row of panels) So…

Lau: Well, first and foremost, I gotta ask you one thing.

Ciel: ? (TL comment: I so love his confused/irked face here *moe*)

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2TRANSLATING GUIDE: Empty Re: TRANSLATING GUIDE: on Sat Jul 17, 2010 6:19 pm

Dear all, do you want to translate the monthly chapters? I'm currently working on the Chapter 47 too..

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3TRANSLATING GUIDE: Empty Re: TRANSLATING GUIDE: on Mon Jul 19, 2010 4:36 pm

Liesel wrote:Dear all, do you want to translate the monthly chapters? I'm currently working on the Chapter 47 too..

No... we don't wanna translate the monthly chapters... It'll be a big competition between BA and us... I think we should just work on the External Publications and dominate it...

and oh... I'm sorry I haven't introduced myself... I'm Nagi-chan... aka Hikikomori-chan in BA... I was the one who PMed you about the BT project... and yeah, I hope we can typeset your translation soon... Very Happy

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4TRANSLATING GUIDE: Empty Re: TRANSLATING GUIDE: on Mon Jul 19, 2010 8:35 pm

Nice to meet you here Nagi-chan

I didn't even know that BA does translation till you told me....I thought that it was just a forums where people post up their information....

Isn't BA doing BT? Anyway, I'm rushing it out now, should be able to pass the script to you soon

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5TRANSLATING GUIDE: Empty Re: TRANSLATING GUIDE: on Tue Jul 20, 2010 1:16 am

Nagi-chan wrote:... I think we should just work on the External Publications and dominate it...

Sounds like we have a plan B... (I like plan B..) sunny cherry

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6TRANSLATING GUIDE: Empty Re: TRANSLATING GUIDE: on Thu Jul 22, 2010 2:52 pm

Liesel wrote:Nice to meet you here Nagi-chan

I didn't even know that BA does translation till you told me....I thought that it was just a forums where people post up their information....

Isn't BA doing BT? Anyway, I'm rushing it out now, should be able to pass the script to you soon

uhm.. they're not really doing a scanlated version (I hope they don't wake up one day and decide to go for it)... Only the Nayama guy posts his translations for people to know what is what in the diorama... and he also does the magazine translations... yeah, I think they're all handful with he MGF release...

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