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OtakuZine No. 35 and OtakuVault VOl. 2 - No. 6 Scans (PinoyOtakuMag)

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OtakuZine and OtakuVault are anime magazines here in the Philippines and I wanted to display Pinoy magazines in English language here. At least we've got something we can all read.:heehee

So here's the magazines:
They were published a long time ago. OtakuZine No. 35 was published as Nov-Dec. 2009 issue and OtakuVault Vol. 2 - No. 6 was published as May-June 2010 Issue

Here's a few sneak peeks... You'll learn a lot especially if you're not that familiar with the anime.:yawn

OtakuZine No. 35 Shots and Scans DL


I've read the mag because I've seen KS already. IT's the very first anime I've followed real time...

You can get the whole HD scans of OtakuZine Kuroshitsuji review here.

OtakuVault Vol. 2 - No. 6 Shots and Scan DL
The KS section for this month is the fulfillment of my request emailed to them last April 2010. I so love them!




You can get the whole HD scans of OtakuVault Kuroshitsuji sections here.

Yeow... That's it. Hope you like it!:yay

P.S. I'm not the best scanning and editing girl in the land, sorry...


Love I love you Kuroshitsuji!

Enjoy your time here!
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nice... i have this one too...

love sharing pinoy stuffs all over the world!

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love it...
I just hope i have the time to share my mags too

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