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1CLEANING GUIDES Empty CLEANING GUIDES on Mon Jul 05, 2010 5:51 pm

This is probably the easiest part, but the most tiring one as well. I love cleaning in Paint (because I’ve mastered it better than Photoshop), but it depends on how you skillful you are already. Beginners will find it better in Paint, though. You gotta need really good judgment to discern what to leave and what to clean.

Basic rules will be… Original Text Clouds effect should NOT be cleaned, ONLY THE TEXT. Yana-sensei loves putting sweat beads in the text clouds, and if you cleaned it, I’ll clean you.

Another one will be… If it’s an SFX, don’t erase it. And, if you encounter small text with layers beneath them, don’t clean it if you can’t remake the layers in Photoshop. If you can recreate it, then clean away. Also, if you can clean it properly to be a white background, you can clean away too. Clean properly – only the text parts enough to give way to the text to be encoded.

Most important is COMMON SENSE. Clean according to the background color. If the text is in white panels, then clean with white eraser (or brush). But if it’s in black panels, do away with black eraser or brush.

Also, if you got the raws, it’s a cleaner’s job to mix the contrast and brightness of an LQ raw. TIP TO DO IT BETTER: Clean all the texts first with normal white or black (depends on the panels of the page), then start fixing it by moving the brightness and contrast sliders until they look flawlessly white or black with the cleaned parts. Brightness controls the White parts while Contrast enhances the Black inks. I love doing this in PhotoImpression, but any image editing program will do.

After doing your work, upload it in 4shared (RECOMMENDED so we do parallel DL) or any free file sharing host... Post a link in the respective project thread, and there! You rock!

Here's Nagi-chan's sample page:

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